The new Snoeks ComPax technology

This technology combines a completely new production method with the use of new materials. The technology is used in the separation walls and rooflinings of Snoeks. The name ComPax is a combination based on "Comfort" and "Impact", product aspects that are paramount at Snoeks.

The use of ComPax technology in our products has a favorable effect on the following elements:

# Comfort - passengers experience more peace through improved sound insulation
# Lightweight - material that is up to 50% lighter than traditional solutions with an effective effect on total weight, payload and CO2 emissions
# Appearance - high-quality experience with luxuriously finished products
# Safety - extremely high impact resistance to protect passengers from shifting loads
# Recyclability - products manufactured with the ComPax technology are suitable for reuse
# Durability - material is hardly susceptible to UV aging

The Snoeks products based on the ComPax technology are distinguished by an excellent constant fit with a particularly luxurious appearance. The use of high-quality base materials ensures a strong, light and high-quality end product.

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