We want consumers to experience vehicles with our modifications as if the end-result was built in its entirety by the factory. Snoeks products are fully aligned with the design of the vehicle. The structure and colour of materials applied, such as fabrics and plastic parts, perfectly match with those originally used.


Snoeks ensures all products meet the latest legislation for Light Commercial Vehicles. All our seats are equipped with approved 3-point seat belts and adjustable headrests. Our partition walls offer occupants certified protection against displaced cargo. 


Snoeks has decades of experience in developing and constructing car seats where quality, safety, design, and seating comfort maximize the comfort experience of consumers. These ergonomic car seats adequately support the occupants’ body. Many optional features like Isofix, arm rests, sliding seats, and integrated heating are available. 


The double cabin is the most optimal and attractive combination for the efficient transport of both persons and cargo. The unique loading space located under the rear seats can be utilized for transporting longer cargo. To further enhance the functionality, Snoeks offers options such as convenient storage pockets in the passenger compartment, USB ports, and rear spotlights.

Fit ability

Snoeks modifications are designed for a specific car model and are therefore fully compatible. We aim to match the high finishing level of the car manufacturer. We work to attach our products to connection points already available in the existing vehicle.  All these efforts enable us to modify vehicles with minimum hours of work needed.

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