1956 - 1970

1956 - Founding in Haarlem (Holland)  
Snoeks Automotive was founded by Matthijs Snoeks Senior in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Back in the days, the activities of Snoeks consisted of the production of exhaust pipes for Volkswagen Beetles and frames for commercial vehicles benches. Soon after, the activities were extended with the conversion of vehicles.

1970 - Moving to a new office in Zwaanshoek (Holland) 
The vehicle conversion activities extended rapidly; the customers no longer consisted of only end users and car dealers, but also importers found their way to the vehicle conversion specialists in Zwaanshoek.

1986 - 1990

1986- The younger generation 
As Snoeks is a family business, the knowledge and experience in the line of business has been passed on to the younger (current) generation. With this experience and their own vision they started to extend the activities of Snoeks and made the organization more professional.

1990 - New office and production location in Nieuw-Vennep (Holland)
Due to the consistent growth, a larger and more efficient production location was absolutely necessary. All the gathered experience was translated in a modern factory in which all logistic processes were optimized.

1996 - 2001

1996 - Founding of Snoeks Service Centre (SSC) network  
It appeared that there was a need for Snoeks products near the car dealer to convert a vehicle “around the corner”. Snoeks selected companies throughout Europe that can convert vehicles that are on stock with the dealers with original Snoeks parts.

2001 - Full focus on Europe 
The structure of Snoeks has been adjusted. In this new setting the vision has successfully been extended to all European countries. Snoeks offers the optimal solution for conversion requirements to many car manufacturers, importers, car converters and dealers.

2002 - 2010

2002 - Founding of distribution center Czech Republic 
To simplify the distribution of the products, Snoeks opened a new distribution center. In this location the internal routing has been optimized. As a result the reliability of our supplies increased even further.

2010 – European leader in total concepts 
Delivering in total concepts for devices of commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tons GVW. Annually converted more than 55,000 commercial vehicles.

2014 - now

2014 - New distribution center location (Czech Republic) 
Thinking of the future, a larger and distribution center nearby the old location was absolutely necessary. Snoeks continuous to invest in further increase in quality and volume levels.

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